Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)

Commerical Pilot Licence

Full time, Part time or casually... your choice

A Commercial Pilot Licence is what every aspiring pilot needs to work in the aviation industry as a pilot. 

When you’ve achieved your CPL, there are countless possibilities for employment, including joy flight, charter flights, agricultural crop dusting, aerial survey or search and rescue. A CPL is the gateway to achieving your career goals.

3 Step Process

Step 1 - Flying:

When training a student to a commercial standard, we train them to the same expectations of our charter pilots. We want to instill the attributes we look for when employing pilots; attention to detail, professional approach and customer focused service

Step 2 - Theory:

You can either choose to attend our CPL theory classes that run regularly throughout the year, or self study the course material at home. There are 7 theory exams that must be passed before the CPL flight test.

Step 3 - Flight Test:

After completing the required flying and theory, you will be ready for the flight test. The test is conducted by a Flight Examiner and will include both a oral questionnaire and a flight component.  

When you pass the flight test, it's time to find your first job in the industry and start making money!

CASA Requirements

Flight time & Experience: (Non-Integrated)

CASA require that you have, as a minimum:

  • 200 hours total aeronautical experience that includes

  • 190 hours of flight time as a pilot

  • 100 hours of flight time as pilot in command

  • 20 hours of cross-country flight time as pilot in command

  • 10 hours instrument time

  • 5  hours instrument time in an aircraft


Total aeronautical experience includes all flying that you have conducted, be that training for a RPL or PPL, flying friends and family around on the weekend or training for additional ratings or endorsements such at Night VFR or IFR.

ALL these hours count towards your Commercial Pilots Licence.


CASA require you have a Class 1 Aviation Medical

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