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PanAir, Bathurst - Adds flight training to their list of aviation services.

Updated: Mar 19

The team at PanAir have been operating in the general aviation community for over 25 years in and around the Central West and NSW region. As a successful corporate charter, aerial survey and maintenance business they know exactly what aviation businesses are looking for when hiring pilots and have started a flight training division as an addition to the many other services on offer.

For many years PanAir has been a dedicated pathway for pilots to gain valuable experience in multi engine, single pilot GA operations and move into more advance flying careers and are very proud to have helped so many pilots move up through the industry over the years.

"What we have found when recruiting for our business, is that pilots will come to us with only the bare minimum experience from their commercial training, and unfortunately, although they have multi engine experience it is never enough total hours on any of the more complex aircraft that we operate, usually only on a basic multi trainer and we can not hire them." said Chief Pilot & CEO Charlie Camilleri.

'This also means they do not meet the minimum insurance requirements or more importantly have the aircraft management knowledge that most employers look for when taking on staff to fly aircraft such as the Chieftain or Cessna's that we operate. So we decided to fill that training niche and offer pilots the opportunity to train with us on our heavier twins, giving them the expertise and confidence to fly these aircraft, log the valuable command time in their log books and gain that first commercial job in the industry.' says Camilleri

The team offer extensive array of training from basic ab initio through to multi engine instrument training, pressurisation and additional ratings. With a variety of aircraft in the training fleet to choose from, there is an aircraft to suit all student pilots.

The facilities operate from Bathurst airport, in the Central West of NSW, which gives access to the uncongested airspace of the region, for a stress free training environment, yet close enough to Sydney and Canberra airspace for that more intensive busy airspace operational training.

The team will personalise every individuals training with a carefully prepared training plan to accommodate the pilots preferred training options. This takes into consideration the need for flexibility with availability to train full time, part time or casually.

Theory study is a huge focus for the school as the theory knowledge needed in the aviation theory subjects if often lacking in many students. Offering one on one individual theory or fulltime/part time classes through out the year.

'Opening the training division of our business is not only assisting us to gain access to pilots trained on our aircraft, but it means we are also giving back to the aviation industry. An industry that has been very good to us over the last 25+ years.' says Camilleri

For more information on training options contact the team at PanAir Flight Training by calling 0490 065 729 or email Admin@flighttraining.com.au

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