Ground School 

PanAir offers an extensive list of ground school courses to assist you with your aviation theory training.


All courses are structured to cover more than what is required by the CASA syllabus. Students are provided with a booklet to complete that matches the content being taught. They also receive review questions, practice questions and additional handouts.

We offer access to our online exam system which is designed to replicate the CASA PEXO exam format. This will assists students in become familiar with the CASA style of questioning and prepare them for all CASA exams. 


Training can be tailored to your specific training needs and our ground school instructors are available for one on one tuition.

Accommodation is available to traveling students. 

CASA Pexo Exams

Now Available at PanAir Flight training in our Bathurst facility.


RPL,RPL NAV,PPL & PIFR theory examinations


Cost $180 per examination

To book your examination please contact us by filling in the contact form.

IREX Theory Courses 

PanAir offers two IREX theory courses to assist you with your IREX theory training. 

7 Day Comprehensive IREX theory Course

Cost $1100 (inclusive)

A detailed IREX theory course covering in detail all instrument training theory to ensure detailed knowledge to pass the IREX examination.

5 Day Intensive IREX theory Course

Cost $880 (inclusive)

Recommended for pilots who already have some knowledge of instrument theory, this course is in depth and intense.

PPL/CPL Theory Subjects

PanAir offers courses in all individual theory subjects to assist you with your aviation theory training.

3 Days per subject $880.00 (Inclusive)

  • Human Factors

  • Meteorology 

  • Performance  

  • Air Law           

  • Aerodynamics 

  • Aircraft General Knowledge  

  • Navigation                           

Courses can be tailored to accommodate your schedule, evenings & weekends are also available.

RPL/BAK Theory Course

In addition to the practical pilot training, our RPL Theory course will provide you with all of the necessary theory required to prepare you for the RPL(Aeroplane) examination (BAK). 

Our RPL theory course is not a minimum standard training course, it is designed to teach you the theory competency's required to pass the examination and to instil confidence in your abilities as a pilot. 

The course is designed to run for 3 days, however pilots can undertake further one on one ground school training if required at a set rate of $65 per hour.

CASA provides a great tool for pilots who are commencing their training flight training. 

Follow this link to download the Visual Flight Rule Guide (VFRG)

3 Days $880.00 (Inclusive)

  • Meteorology  

  • Air Law           

  • Aerodynamics 

  • Aircraft General Knowledge                      

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