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Get Your Pilots Licence

Panorama Airways Flight Training offers various training programs to achieve your Pilot's Licence.

Trial Instructional

Flight (TIF)

This is your opportunity to take control of an Aeroplane and experience what it feels like to be a pilot.

Your Trial Instructional Flight is the first step that many professional pilots of today took to embark on a successful career in the Aviation Industry.

This is a no obligation first flying lesson where YOU get to fly the plane with an experienced Flight Instructor. 

45 Minutes.

Only $255 includes
Pre & Post flight Brief

Gift Vouchers Available


Pilots Licence (RPL)

A Recreational Pilots Licence allows you to fly as a pilot in command of an aircraft within a 25nm radius of the departure aerodrome with passengers, during the day and in fair weather. While there are some other limitations, the RPL is the first step in becoming a pilot.

At the completion of this course you can remove some limitations imposed on your licence by undertaking further training, or advance your licence to a Private Pilot Licence.


Pilot Licence


A Private Pilot Licence allows you to fly friends and family anywhere around Australia in a larger aircraft than what is usually permitted with an RPL.

Learn accurate navigation skills by undertaking navigation exercises throughout various airports around NSW, and challenge yourself flying into busy international and domestic airports such as Canberra, Tamworth and Albury.


Pilot Licence


A Commercial Pilot Licence is required for a pilot to receive reward for flying. At Panorama Airways Flight Training, we structure our commercial course to the needs and goals of the student, while guiding them through all 7 theory subjects.

All our instructors come from a charter based background, thus allowing us to incorporate relevant and real world charter skills into the training of each student.

With this approach we set ourselves apart from other flying schools, allowing us to train not only commercial pilots, but industry ready charter pilots.

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