Ratings and Endorsements

Panorama Airways Flight Training offers advanced specialty courses for the following Ratings and Endorsements.



An Instrument Rating is regarded as one of the most challenging, yet rewarding, flying a pilot can undertake. Training can either be conducted in a Single Engine or Multi Engine aircraft depending on the needs of the student. 

The course will cover Instrument Departures, En-route navigation and Instrument Approaches on all nav aids (2D, 3D and Azimuth) 

Multi Engine

Class Rating

An Initial Multi Engine Class Rating allows the pilot to fly a multi engine aircraft with 2 or more engines. Multi engine aircraft are normally faster than most single engine aircraft, and are considered safer. 


The course will cover normal, abnormal and asymmetric flight conditions, and a comprehensive systems brief. 

Heavy Twin


Designed as a transition course for students with a Multi-Engine Class Rating, to gain knowledge and experience in complex, heavy multi engine aircraft.

We consider this course to be invaluable for pilots trying to find work in the industry, or looking for the next step in transitioning from a single to twin job.

Night VFR


A Night VFR Rating allows you to fly with less time limitations, take off before first light, land after last light, or cruise all night long. The NVFR includes training on the use nav aids (VOR, NDB) and a GNSS endorsement



A Tail Wheel Endorsement brings the fun back into flying. Set yourself apart from your 'nose wheel' friends.


Whether you're a seasoned pilot, or just past your flight test, it's a challenge for everyone...


The Endorsement includes, a Theory Briefing, Upper Air Training, Normal and Short Field Take Offs, 3 Point, Wheeler and Crosswind Landings. 



Fly above the weather and increase aircraft efficiency with a pressurisation endorsement. 


Based on the Cessna Manual Pressurisation Systems

(C414, C421, C441) the course will cover Normal Operations, Emergency Operations and

Pre- Flight Inspections. 



The first step to obtaining a flight instructor rating.

Training can be undertaken full time or part time or casual. PanAir offers numerous flight instructor rating qualifications which include Grade 3 initial issue, Grade 12 & 1 Upgrades, and various additional training approvals.