Multi Engine Class Rating MEA

We usually incorporate a Multi Engine Class Rating as part of a Commercial Pilot Licence for students to become more accustomed to multi engine operations, however, a MEA is also available as a stand-alone course.

Multi engine aircraft are designed to operate higher, fly further and faster, but most importantly, they are safer than single engine aircraft. 

The course includes a Constant Speed Unit (CSU) and Retractable undercarriage (RU) if the student does not already hold these design features.


3 Step Process

Full time, Part time, or casually... your choice




When training a new pilot skill to a CASA standard, it is important to prepare for the challenges that additional complex ratings can bring.

assist with training and before a flight test is conducted.

All theory is facilitated in house to provide a well structured learning environment.




The flying aspect of the course covers basic handling in the training area, normal circuits and asymmetric circuits (one engine inoperative). We also conduct a small navigational exercise so students can consolidate their training in a more realistic environment. 


We also teach attributes we look for when employing pilots such as safety, efficiency, attention to detail, professionalism and customer focused service.





After completing the required flying and theory, you will be ready for the flight test.

The test is conducted by a Flight Examiner and will include both an oral questionnaire and a practical flight component.

Once you pass the flight test, you will be ready for find your first job in the industry and earn an income as a professional pilot!


COURSE Inclusions

Flight time & Theory:

The course includes

  • 2-3 hours ground briefing

  • 7-10 hours aircraft time