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Learn how to Fly an Aircraft and Land safely in the unlikely event of Pilot Incapacitation. 

This training program is designed to help non-pilot flying companions learn how to safely land an aircraft in the unlikely event of pilot incapacitation. It includes an introduction to the principles of flight, a basic overview of instruments and radio communications, and a scenario-based hands on flying training. 

Pilot Companion Program

While pilot incapacitation is extremely rare, by undertaking this training, it will help non-pilots be more knowledgeable and better equipped in the event of an actual emergency situation.

The PanAir course provides non-pilots an inter-active introduction to GA aircraft. For anyone unfamiliar with flying, the course is an overview of the basic principles of flight, aircraft instruments, and radio communications, along with tips for dealing with emergency situations.  The hands on flying component of the course can be undertaken in your own aircraft or by use of PanAir flight training aircraft.


Complete the Online Training Syllabus to prepare you for the hands on training portion of the Pilot Companion Program


Attend the one day ground school component of the syllabus at our Bathurst flight training Facility, learn about the aircraft systems and procedures required to fly safely


Learn the practical portion of the syllabus with actual flying in the aircraft over two days.  Learn to operate aircraft equipment, communicate by radio, fly and land the aircraft safely.

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