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CASA Part91 General Rules Free Seminar

The PanAir team with the support of the Bathurst Aeroclub, have put together a FREE training session to help you understand the new general operating and flight regulations.

The seminar contains information on all of the the general operating and flight rules you need to know and will include helpful guidance on what’s expected of you and what you might need to consider to ensure that you are complying with the new rules when flying. We will also be covering information on fuel planning requirements.


The sessions will be held at 4 pm on SUNDAY 20th FEB at the Bathurst Aeroclub, Apron Avenue, Bathurst Airport, registration is not required but the Aeroclub requires all individuals to be fully vaccinated to enter the premises.

Light refreshments will also be available.


If you can't join us on the day at the club, don't worry!!! The session will be available via ZOOM via this link .

The seminar is based around CASA's Plain English Guide which sets out the regulatory requirements of the Part 91 Civil Aviation Safety Regulations and the associated Manual of Standards. The Plain English Guide can be downloaded in PDF here or you can order on line from the CASA Web Site HERE.

Any questions, feel free to contact our friendly team!

We look forward to seeing you there!

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