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How to Pass a CASA Theory Exam

We all know that the dreaded CASA theory subjects are an essential part of our flying training, establishing and creating a solid foundation required to build from during the practical stages of flying training.

Many students will undertake this theory training as a self study program, purchasing the various books and resources and taking their chances on home study and content that may or may not help them pass the CASA theory examinations.

Here at PanAir Flight training we have many years of experience delivering in house theory courses and we are extremely proud of our 90%-100% pass rates across these subjects.

With our overall goal to continue supporting our flight training students during the recent COVID-19 pandemic, our school was one of the first to integrate our theory onto an online platform and we will continue to offer this content moving forward as an excellent addition to any flight training program.

The online content is as informative, if not more so, than any book used for self study and also allows students the opportunity to access our extensive online question bank and the online forums for Q&A. It also gives the student the opportunity to study at their own pace.

There is access to support from our qualified instructors if needed for any curly questions or clarification of any content material. We have spent many years building our resources and these are all available to any student who signs up for an online theory course or subject.

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