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Instrument Training

With winter well and truly upon us, there is no better time than now to undertake your instrument training.

Real weather experience is absolutely invaluable for anyone undertaking an instrument training course. Too many times we meet instrument rated pilots who have never flown in actual cloud during their training and never experienced real Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC).

There is no better experience than the real thing during flight training, seeing what it is really like flying instrument approaches down to the minima, dealing with possible icing conditions, turbulence and holding real diversions helps the training pilots understand the concepts behind IFR flying.

These real life training experiences will mold and shape the IFR pilot and increase their IFR skill set. For the pilots to truly understand the conditions that can be expected during a real IFR flight in IMC conditions offers them ultimate value the skills they are obtaining and certainly creates an appreciation of the dangers of IFR flying. These experiences can not be reproduced with the wearing of the IFR HOOD, (or Portable Cloud as we call it!)

So if you are considering an Instrument training addition to your licence, why not give our team a call and chat to them today!

And if you haven't completed the theory components, head on over to our online Theory portal and start that theory training today!

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