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My Multi- Engine Training With PanAir - WAI Scholarship

Recently we hosted Angela Hipwell at the flight training facility in Bathurst. Angela was one of the recipients of the 2019 Women in Aviation (WAI) Australian Chapter flight training scholarships. PanAir Flight Training donates two scholarships each year to WAI Australia, details can be found on their web site

The PanAir team wish to congratulate Angela on achieving her Multi Engine Rating, all the hard work and many hours of briefings and flying have paid off!

"My original plan for my time at PanAir Flight training, was to get a few hours closer to CPL requirements with some cross country navigation and a bit of instrument time. The week began with some very average weather and it was looking unlikely that a navigation in VMC would even be possible.

So the plan changed and and instead I was charging full steam towards a mulit-engine rating! Would I be able to meet the requirements in the remaining time and would there be a flight test slot available with a Flight Examiner?

SPOILER ALERT! Well the STARS Aligned.......

YES and YES!! After an intense week of briefings and flights, I passed my multi -engine rating and I am so pleased to have accomplished this skill and be able to utilize it for my future career.

Thank you to WAI Australia and PanAir Flight training (Tammy, Charlie & Jeremy - patient instructor) for this huge opportunity to progress in my CPL pursuits"

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