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Real Life Commercial Pilot Experience when you Train with PANAIR

The benefit of learning to fly with a company like PanAir Flight Training, is that not only do we operate a flight school, we also operate commercial air charter and commercial survey operations.

When we are able, we offer our students the opportunity to experience many of these real life operations and to learn how it really works in the world of a commercial pilot in general aviation.

It is a great environment to watch and to learn from our qualified pilots, without the stress of any worry about flight training, students always commenting how they learnt so much, just from sitting and listening during the flight.

In addition to sitting in on commercial flights, if aircraft are required to be re-positioned or dead legs flown, students can often gain left hand seats with instructors on these flights and log them as training flights.

At PanAir we feel it is important for our flight students to have exposure to as much real life experiences as possible during their training with us. It keeps them motivated and helps with the learning process, as well as a nice break and a little reward from the challenges of flight training.

Jarred is undertaking his commercial flight training with us and recently had the opportunity to fly along on a commercial flight in our Piper Chieftain.

These real life experience's provide great insight for flight training students, assisting them with their overall perception of the daily tasks of a commercial pilot.

These flights are purely for the benefit of the student, they are not training flights and are not charged or logged and only undertaken when capacity allows.

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