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Private Pilot Licence

The Private Pilot Licence gives you the independence to fly when, and where you want Australia wide!

You can also expand your licence and abilities with extra ratings such as retractable undercarriage as well as fly larger aircraft.

You can also add a Multi Engine endorsement to your licence giving you the added speed and safety of having two engines.

If flying is the ultimate hobby you've imagined enjoying, the possibilities are endless with a Private Pilot's Licence.

3 Step Process

Full time, Part time, or casually... your choice




Learn to safely navigate between multiple destinations.

Our training allows you to refine your visual navigation skills and safely conduct operations at unfamiliar airports.

You will also learn how to identify hazardous weather and understand remote and barren desert environments as part of your licence privileges.





We facilitate PPL theory classes throughout the year

Or you can self study the course material at home

The CASA PPL Theory exam includes content from 7 different subjects which can be a challenging learning curve for new pilots. Our classes provided a structured and well paced learning environment ensuring a pass in the exam. 





After completing the required flying and theory, you will be ready for the flight test.

The test is conducted by a Flight Examiner and will include both an oral questionnaire and a practical flight component.

Once you pass the flight test, you will unlock the privilege of flying with passengers anywhere in Australia!


CASA Requirements

Flight Time & Experience

CASA require that you have, as a minimum:

  • 10 hours solo flight time,

  • 5 hours solo "cross country" (navigation experience)

  • 40 hours total flight time

All flying experience counts towards the 40 hours required for a PPL, including any flying already conducted for a RPL and any flying conducted at another flying school.


CASA require you to have a Class 2 or Class 1 Aviation Medical

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