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Designed as a transition course for students with a Multi-Engine Class Rating, to gain knowledge and experience in complex, heavy multi engine aircraft.

As part of the course, students will learn the systems of either the Piper Chieftain aircraft, learn how to manage turbo charged engines in various normal and abnormal situations and how to manage passengers in a charter environment.

Incorporated into the course is 5 hours of flying experience to consolidate engine management and have a complete understanding of aircraft systems and operations of heavy twin aircraft.  A great course to gain valuable log book time as a stepping stone into your first twin job.

3 Step Process

Heavy Twin Training - JOB READY




When training on a larger, heavier aircraft, it is important to prepare for the challenges that  come with operating faster more complex aircraft.

All theory is facilitated in house to provide a well structured learning environment.




The flying aspect of the course covers basic handling in the training area, normal circuits and asymmetric circuits (one engine inoperative). We also conduct a small navigational exercise so students can consolidate their training in a more realistic environment. 


We also teach attributes we look for when employing pilots such as safety, efficiency, attention to detail, professionalism and customer focused service.





No Flight test is required


Heading 3


Flight time & Experience:

  • CASA Private or Commercial Aeroplane Licence
  • Multi Engine ClassRating
  • Current CASA Medical

course inclusions

  • 5 hours flying in the PA31Chieftain ​
  • Half day systems theory brief
  • Pre and post flight briefings

course cost


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