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Full Time Courses

There are many benefits of training full time; you will gain your certifications quickly and most importantly the costs will be significantly cheaper.

It is well known that to learn a new skill requires constant information updates, revision and practice, so when we study full time we allow ourselves to continue to build on our knowledge, eliminating gaps in our learning which can happen when we take extended breaks between our training.  Casual training also means we often have to revisit previous lessons as refresher training, which adds additional costs.

Additionally most training packages include additional extras that are often not included in casual or part time training programs.  These can be anything from theory exams, theory courses, CASA examination fee's and so forth.

At PanAir Flight training, we offer a variety of training packages for our students. Our training packages are based on our CASA approved PanAir Flight training syllabus.  

Course Inclusions

All full time courses include the following:

  • Ground school theory components & training course

  • CASA Theory exam preparation

  • Access to PanAir E-learning portal

  • Ground briefing components

  • Flight Hours Dual & Solo as per syllabus hours

  • CASA theory examination fee's

  • Landing Fee's & airways charges

  • Fight Testing fee's


Recreational Licence 



Private Licence 



Commercial Licence 



SE Private Instrument Trainging Package


Multi Engine Instrument Training Package

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