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Night VFR Rating

A Night VFR Rating can be conducted in either a Single Engine or Multi Engine depending on the needs of the student. A Multi Engine Night VFR allows you to also fly a single engine aircraft at night, but a Single Engine NVFR does not allow you fly Multi Engine aircraft at night.

Full time, Part time, or casually... your choice

3 Step Process




Theory briefings are conducted in house prior to night flying. There is no CASA exam, although we do conduct our own in house exams to check student knowledge and progress.





Consists of flying both in the circuit area, and navigational flights. We start in the circuit area so students experience the differences in operating aircraft at night, before navigating, and applying the same skills are other airports. 




After completing the required flying and theory, you will be ready for the flight test.

The test is conducted by a Flight Examiner and will include both an oral questionnaire and a practical flight component.


CASA Requirements

Flight time & Experience:

CASA require that you have, as a minimum:

  • 10 hours of aeronautical experience at night

  • 5 hours cross country at night

  • 1 hour solo night circuits


CASA require you to have a Class 2 or Class 1 Aviation Medical


Single Engine NVFR From$5990

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