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Affordable Flight Training Packages now available

Whether it is learning to fly for fun or a career, Panair Flight Training offers students flexible pathways to flight training. Our team will build a training plan based on your needs, time constraints and budget.

Located at Bathurst Airport NSW, in the stunning Central West, PanAir Flight Training offers a relaxed training environment, with training in non controlled airspace, yet we are close enough to Sydney to access the controlled airspace when training requires.

We own, maintain and operate our fleet of training aircraft, which allows us to offer affordable flying rates to students. Our instructors are also working charter pilots in our large charter operations, and we focus our training standards around what we look for in our flight operations when recruiting.

Additionally pilots who train with PanAir Flight Training are given additional opportunities to join our pilots on charter flights, exposing them to the realities of commercial operations. Pilots who have trained with our company are always short listed when we are recruiting.

PanAir Flight Training now offers training packages for flight training, from RPL, PPL and CPL,Private and Command Instrument Ratings and Flight Instructor Ratings.

There are plenty of benefits for training full time, you will gain your certifications quickly and the cost involved is usually a significantly cheaper option.

PanAir Flight training also offers students access to flexible financing options through Study Loans Australia.

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