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Multi Engine Centre-line Thrust (MEAC)

The Cessna Skymaster C337 is one of the most famous type of centre-line thrust aircraft operating today. This is a very unique aircraft with two engines mounted on the fuselage in a push/pull configuration which removes any asymmetric considerations of a standard twin engine.

There are only a handful of Skymasters operating in Australia, however many are used for specialized operations such as fish spotting and for emergency services work due to their fantastic endurance and great visibility capabilities.

Any a pilot wishing to fly one will need to undergo specialised design feature training to add the MEAC to their licence. In addition other design feature training can be added to the MEAC, such as retractable undercarriage and constant speed propellor.

Learning to fly the Cessna 337 is an enriching experience and will broaden your aviation horizons with greater systems and aerodynamic knowledge. Many pilots that complete this endorsement, do it purely to tick it off the 'bucket list'.

At the completion of our training course, you will receive an MEAC Design Feature Endorsement in your licence, allowing you to fly centre-line thrust aircraft.

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