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As Australians are being warned to brace for ANOTHER summer of heavy rain and flooding from rare 'triple La Niña', here at PanAir Flight training we see this as the perfect opportunity for our fair weather pilots to upskill and obtain an instrument rating!

While we all enjoy flying on perfect weather days, there have been very few of them recently, grounding many pilots who are yet to obtain their instrument ratings.

Holding an instrument rating allows you to fly as Pilot In Command under the Instrument Flight Rules; this means you can fly in cloud, at night and conduct instrument approaches. PanAir conducts training for both Single Engine, Multi Engine and Private (PIFR) instrument ratings.

We all agree that the main benefit of an instrument rating, which allows the pilot to fly through cloud, is being able to get to and from our destinations in bad weather, reducing time spent on the ground waiting for weather to clear.

But the biggest benefit to the pilot, is the increase in skill obtained from learning to fly in cloud.

Pilots with an instrument rating are known to possess a higher level of accuracy with their flying, because instrument flying training gives pilots an opportunity to learn more precise flying techniques in terms of power changes, pitch, heading, altitude, and airspeed as well as dealing with the complexities of flying in cloud with no visual references.

Completing IFR training provides pilots with a more in-depth knowledge of the instruments and other technology in their aircraft as well, which makes them a superior pilot in a variety of circumstances.

If you’re ready to get an instrument rating in addition to your private pilot’s licence, or add the Multi Command Instrument rating to your commercial licence, there is no time like the present. With the PERFECT instrument training La Nina weather upon us!

Call our friendly team to discuss your instrument training today!

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