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IREX Theory Training & Flight Training

Instrument flying Multi Engine

Learning to understand and operate effectively and safely in the Instrument Flight Rules environment is rated as one of the most challenging training experiences faced by most commercial pilots.

Passing the actual CASA instrument rating examination (IREX) is usually the first step towards your instrument flight training and has many complexities surrounding the actual examination.

The IREX examination is known as one of the most difficult to pass due to the many detailed areas of knowledge required, the time limitations imposed and the complexity of many of the precision procedures.

The PanAir IREX theory course is designed to provide pilot's with the most comprehensive preparation for the IREX examination. This course enables the training pilot with all of the knowledge needed to successfully complete the CASA Instrument Rating Examination (IREX) and to understand the principles of operation, accuracy and limitations of navaids, the aircraft navigational systems and the human limitations of the pilot.

Theory courses run for five (intensive) days, and will enable pilots with the essential procedural knowledge and skills required to help prepare them for the flying component of the instrument rating training. One on one theory instruction can be arranged with our highly qualified instructors for additional fee.

Contact our friendly team to learn this years IREX theory class dates

Cost $880 for the week course

Additional one on one theory $65 per hour

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